Action Plan! Eyes Of A Lagos Boy Photography

Prof Wole Soyinka and Bolaji Alonge at the Eyes of A Lagos Boy Photo Exhibition.


A revolution in the Nigerian Photography scene was ignited in 2017. Eyes Of A Lagos Boy (Bolaji Alonge) rolled out some photos taken around the world, underwater, overland and from the skies, triggering a unique kind of Photography in Nigeria.

Of course, Nigeria we can arguably state has some of the best Photographers in the world and the race to Documenting History is on.

The African must be able to tell his/her story. mainly from the African eye using Photography and history not just for those here and around today but with the ultimate aim of reaching out to generations unborn.

A people with the knowledge of their own HISTORY are proud people. Africa is contributing its part in the Information Highway and with the internet at our disposal, there’s never a better time to do so.

The Eyes of A Lagos Boy Photo Exhibition held at Freedom Park, Lagos (A formal Colonial Prison from the 19th century) created quite a buzz, drawing people from all walks of life, Students, photographers, Captain of Industries, Members of the Diplomatic Corp and Africa’s first Nobel Laureate (Literature) Emeritus Prof. Wole Soyinka.

The photos in the following were exhibited to the excitement of the public and the response positive, leading to sales of T- Shirts and a popular call for another Exhibition talking about the Nigerian experience

These Photos were on sale and almost all flew off the walls by the end of the Photo Exhibition.

They are still on sale and you can get yours.

No Hurry
No Hurry In Life 26×36 in. Canvas (Nigeria)


Field of Rapes, 20×30, Canvas (Thuringen, Germany)


Dangerous Below 20×30 in. Canvas (Egypt)


Makoko 20×30 in. Canvas (Lagos Nigeria)

Bahla Fort 26×36 in. Canvas (Oman)


20×30 in. Canvas (Sweden)


26×36 in. Canvas (The Netherlands)


20×30 in. (Oman)


20×30 in. Canvas (Nigeria)


20×30 in. Canvas (India)


20×30 in. Canvas (Nigeria)


26×36 in. Canvas (Egypt)


20×30 in. Canvas (The Netherlands)


20×30 in. Canvas (Nigeria)


20×30 in. Canvas (The Netherlands)


Fela In Amsterdam 20×30 in. (The Netherlands)


 Triple Swirl 26×36 in. Canvas (Egypt)

Madrid Centro 20×30 in. Canvas (Spain)


The Fists. 26×36 in. (The Netherlands)


Shy Guy 20×30 in. Canvas (Nigeria)





Bolaji Alonge is an Artist, International Photographer and Journalist from Lagos, Nigeria who has been traveling the world for the most parts of the last decade documenting exotic cultures, participating in experiences, Tourism, Networking, exchange of ideas and information that sometimes books and the internet do not offer. The aim is to document history, telling the African story from the African eyes using Photography predominantly and also bringing the world to Africa.

He conducted a successful Photo Exhibition themed, “Eyes Of A Lagos Boy”at the prestigious Freedom Park, (A former Colonial Prison) in Lagos in May 2017.

-Bolaji Alonge (February 2018)

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