Bolaji Alonge’s Street Flowers of Lagos

Magma, Bolaji Alonge, 2020

This collection of photos by Bolaji Alonge, aka Eyes of a Lagos Boy, is a splash of intense colour and emotions. Alonge uses macro photography to show the inner world of street flowers of Lagos.

These flowers grow in city gardens and sidewalks in between the dirt and rubble. They symbolize the beauty of nature, both fragile and strong at the same time. Together with Lagosians, they stand proudly in the midst of the urban jungle. Alonge shows beauty where it is least expected.

During these trying times, when uncertainty is the new normal, the “small” things in life can make all the difference. However, once enlarged, they can become magical objects of wonder. The images are untouched or edited, no filter nor fillers used. This is pure nature.

“Street Flowers of Lagos” forever immortalized in hi-gloss acrylic and canvas Limited Edition Prints by Eyes of a Lagos Boy. 



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