Photo By ARL


Be like them, they say or be down

Straw grabbing, hypocrisy, expectations abound

Stumble, left behind on the bandwagon ride

These times, there’s no place to hide

No place to hide only the slide

Landing in the basket of the few

Rejected battered and caked in mildew


Hope in struggles that bring people together

Hope for the like-minds in rejection of the norm

Hope in the lonely gauntlet of adders

For whatever it is, we hope

Struggles, Sweetness, Joy, Loss even as we grope.

We live we learn

(c)Bolaji Alonge ’16




Bolaji Alonge is an Artiste and International Photographer from Lagos, Nigeria who has been traveling the world for most parts of the last decade documenting exotic cultures, participating in experiences , Tourism, Networking, exchange of ideas and information that sometimes books and the internet do not offer. 

Revised Dec, 2016

 Photos by: ARL  for

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