This is Lagos: Felabration at Freedom park Lagos

Felabration at Freedom Park Lagos is an annual festival of music and arts commemorating the life and times of Nigeria’s foremost musical icon, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.


Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s posthumus celebration which is founded by Yeni Kuti, the first daughter of the legend is about empowering the Nigerians through art, dance, music and intellectual discourse with the belief that together we shall succeed in ‘This Is Lagos’.

Felabration began in 1998 and with the exception of 1999 it has come to be an annual event that has grown exponentially every year, with a surge of concertgoers visiting Lagos for the sole purpose of being a part of the musical jamboree.

Six years ago, the festival added Freedom Park as a venue partner specially to cater to a ‘high-end demographic, who preferred an alternative to the Afrika Shrine for reasons ranging from the atmosphere, to comfort and convenience. Since then, Freedom Park has become the preferred Felabration venue for a large, discerning audience of Fela fans. Freedom Park Lagos has become a leading venue partner for the Elite audience with premium entertainment and reception for one week of live music performances, exhibitions and fanfare from both Nigerian and Foreign artistes at the Festival.

Each event is expected to host more than 2,000 attendees and is targeted at guests from home and abroad.

This year marks 22 years after the passing of the Legend Fela Kuti and the Felabration Organizing Committee for Freedom Park plans to have grand event than past years. Theme is ‘THIS IS LAGOS’ is an addendum to the general Felabration theme ‘FROM LAGOS WITH LOVE.’

The Line up of activities slated for this year’s edition are as follows:

Live music and concerts: 7 days Live Music concerts featuring several Nigerian and Foreign Artistes.

Vip Lounge: Special VIP hospitality for attendees will be available at an extra cost.

Art Exhibitions: Four art exhibitions will be on showcase around the Park.

  1. Femi Kuti photo exhibition by Bolaji Alonge, Photographer, Eyes Of A Lagos Boy.
  2. Coffee Art by Ekene Ngige.
  3. Beautiful, featuring works by Chidynma Ochu & Ronke Komolafe .Curated by Kennii Ekundayo.
  1. Collage art by Sylvester Aguddah of Sylverscreen Arts.


This year’s Felabration at Freedom Park runs from, 14th – 20th October 2019. 7pm Daily.



Bolaji Alonge is an artist, international photographer, actor and journalist from Lagos, Nigeria. His visual language speaks of the wonders of nature and human exchange, urban culture and searches for historical continuity in a world that is sometimes heavily fractured. He is also a globetrotter who has travelled around the world during the last decade documenting exotic culture and history. In May 2017, Bolaji organized his “Eyes of a Lagos Boy” photo exhibition at the prestigious Freedom Park in Lagos.

His second solo exhibition “Urban Culture – Historical Continuity” was held at One Draw Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos in November 2018, establishing Bolaji’s brand of photography to a new audience, receiving great reviews from artists and art lovers worldwide

In February 2019, Bolaji showcased his work at Baza Studio in New York, The event was attended by the Nigerian Consul in New York, UN officials, art curators, musicians, artists, press and art aficionados. He is currently the Regional Editor West Africa, Music in Africa.

Felabration posters- courtesy of Felabration and Freedom Park, Lagos

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