Lagos today, as you have never seen it

Makoko – Lagos

Lagos is a port city and the most populous city in Nigeria. The metropolitan area originated on islands, including Lagos Island, that were protected from the Atlantic Ocean by sand spits. The city has expanded onto the mainland west of the lagoon, however, with Ikeja, the capital of Lagos, and Agege over 25 miles northwest of Lagos Island. Lagos according to the World Population Review has a population estimated at 21 million in 2016, which makes it the largest city in Africa.

The Lagos State Government estimates the population of Lagos at 17.5 million, although this number has been disputed by the Nigerian Government and found to be unreliable by the National Population Commission of Nigeria, which put the population at over 21 million in 2016. Lagos surpassed Cairo in size in 2012 to become the largest city of Africa. The population was estimated at just 11.2 million in 2011 by the United Nations.

Lagos, a city of Smiles, struggle, colors, people, frenzy and that Adrenalin rush, stands for many things to different people.. There is always that undying hope in the eyes of the people which has really helped in alleviating the stress of the poor state of infrastructure, epileptic power supply, massive traffic jams at different parts of the city on a daily basis due to inadequate or transportation system not enough to move millions of commuters. in reality, today, 25% of Africans are Nigerian.

By 2050, Lagos’ population is expected to double, which will make it the 3rd largest city in the world but with less infrastructure than any other large cities of the world.
The Lagos State Government have been taking steps that can be deemed encouraging in the task of managing the huge volume of people and Man- Power. The Bus Rapid Transportation (BRT) has been on for about nine years now and successful, Water- Ways Transportation, A multi- billion dollar Railroad Project for commuters heading in from the Western part of Lagos to the Central Business District, Marina. Road rehabilitation and Traffic Management seem to be grinding forward in some places.

Naturally, more will always have to be done. The People of Lagos are some of the most resourceful in the World.
Here’s bringing you to the Lagos (Africa’s pace setter in Entertainment, Fashion and business)from the eyes of the People residing and working in this fast growing constantly evolving and interesting city.
Lagos is the Center Of Excellence.

Everybody Say Yeah Yeah!! (L-R) Sunday Essien, Femi Kuti and Bolaji Alonge

First published on in January 2017.


  1. I am very impressed by your standard of professionalism in the art of photography. As the saying goes “a picture speaks more than a thousand words”. Well done BJ, you have an eye for beautiful things.