My Eyes Your Eyes (Photos)

With the weird changes going on all around world, it honestly feels like we have ran beyond the cliff, hanging in the air like cartoon characters defying gravity and not even knowing we are falling. Maybe we are falling or have even fallen and are not trying to pick up the pieces of humanity.
Photography has been a wonderful escape to a world of the past and present full of imagination that can take us everywhere. Not speaking as an expert in psychology, but I find photography therapeutic and reflections from here or there, random or not have been a powerful way of connecting to the world, its people and my environment.
Lets explore some random stuff and people from all around us. My eyes, Your Eyes.
Photos invoke sadness, love, joy, the past are we trying to run away from, good times, great people and the annoying ones, anticipation, never forgetting lots and lots of dearly departed, making photography a potpourri of emotions for us all, an emotion in my opinion sometimes worth pursuing. Good thing in today’s world, the talent and mastery of photography does not take owning a big camera, the phones in our pockets can also do the magic.. History has never been more documented.
Keep taking pictures.

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