Made Kuti’s grand debut single ‘Free Your Mind’ released

Made Kuti - Photo by Optimus Dammy
Made Kuti - Photo by Optimus Dammy
Made Kuti – Photo by Optimus Dammy

Made Kuti, the grandson of afrobeat legend Fela has released his first single, ‘Free Your Mind‘ on which he plays every instrument, on 15 October.

‘Free your mind’ is hitting music fans on his grandfather’s 82nd posthumous birthday, which is also the opening of Felabration 2020. It is available on all streaming platforms and the track is set to take the afrobeat world by storm.

‘Free Your Mind’ is a soothing conglomeration of perfectly arranged rhythms, horns, drums, guitar, all juxtaposed with a dreamy animation in the video directed by Olly Frostie and filmed by Optimus Dammy on Partisan Records label.

Made’s message in ‘Free your Mind’ is a clear step into the major role that has been awaiting him since birth, the unveiling of a musical genius. This release comes on the heels of widespread protests in Nigeria against police brutality and its Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS. It is a call for the political class in Nigeria to free its mind and do what is right for the people.

Made Kuti, Femi Kuti‘s first child (an afrobeat pioneer himself) grew up in The New Afrika Shrine, Lagos, he studied at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London (a school attended by Fela in the 1950s/60s) and has played in Femi’s Positive Force band from a young age.

Seun Kuti - Photo by Optimus Dammy
Made Kuti – Photo by Optimus Dammy

On his new song, Made opined, “Free Your Mind’ is very much inspired by the teachings I received from my father and his efforts to make me understand exactly what the black man and woman’s situation is in Nigeria, Africa, and around the world.” The multi-instrumentalist continues, “I think freeing your mind is, in a way, the opposite of what the phrase actually sounds like. ‘Free your mind’ almost sounds like decadence, like ‘don’t be constrained by anything, just take things as they are.’ I think the true meaning of ‘free your mind’ is to be critical. It means use your mind to its full potential—to think, to try to find answers and ask the right questions.”

Made Kuti composes and performs music of varied genres. Although his music explores diverse world sounds, he recognises himself predominantly as an Afrobeat musician and composer. He has found himself immersed in the musical realm of many enchanting worlds such as jazz and alternative rock music, and is steadily finding his form of art that possesses qualities of each field resulting in a musical style unique to him.

Made revealed, “We are in very historic times, but I truly feel I must let this out on this day. Fela’s birthday. I must say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s been by me through recording this album and releasing it. A debt I cannot repay. I love you all. Wasn’t easy at all playing all the instruments myself but it was a truly fulfilling journey.”

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