Technically Basically: Photography by Eyes of a Lagos Boy

Rixensart station - Belgium
Man in the mirror – Delta Del Ebro, Spain – Eyes of a Lagos Boy

At some point last year, travelling seemed a distant dream. Although the “New Normal” is not yet the “Old Normal”, that has changed in 2021. Eyes of a Lagos Boy visited Belgium, Barcelona, Geneva, Torino and Venice in June and July and captured some delightful holiday snaps. The collection reveals a Europe that is more fragile but coming back to life. It is a continent with many guests, looking for opportunities. It reflects movement and searching for new perspectives, while also celebrating the beauty of nature and culture.

Technically Basically is not random – it is a story of a beautiful trip and adventures, making new friends and visiting places that were missed. The title was born out of a conversation with Vera, Zack and Noah, three young siblings using these words repeatedly daily. Technically Basically are some universal and unique images that convey a deeper message, seen from the perspective of the Eyes of a Lagos Boy. A recurring phenomenon in the photos is the reflection of movements, lines and perspective. Humanity is constantly on the move.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Some of the images are on sale in our webshop.

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