Eyes of a Lagos Boy -The birth of a brand


Eyes of A Lagos Boy Photo Exhibition, (Phase 1) came to an end on the 27th of May 2017. Bringing a full week of stakeholders and admirers of Arts /Photography coming together exchanging views, interacting and chatting the way forward to encourage young Africans to pick up camera, travel and make Photography a career, way beyond just a hobby.

Maria Rodrigo (Manager ARL) Prof. Wole Soyinka and Bolaji Alonge


The Photo Exhibition, according to pundits is first of its kind. Pictures of our everyday lives, colors and Societal concerns from Nigeria, Egypt, The Netherlands, Oman, Germany, India, Turkey, Sweden and Underwater photos were showcased. “For me, the response from young Photographers who turned up in large numbers and were inspired means a lot and quite encouraging”.

The Photo Exhibition, which ran for a week between the 20th and 27th May received Africa’s first Nobel Laureate (Literature), Professor Wole Soyinka who came visiting and went through all 27 Photos with rapt attention and suggested one of the photos will be good for his book.

Eyes of A Lagos Boy Photo Exhibition is declared a resounding success in terms of the attention and response from the Nigerian and international audience giving birth to a brand that can only be a reference point to the arrival of the African youth to the world scene of documenting life.

Eyes of A Lagos Boy is the beginning of series of Photo Exhibitions that will be taken around Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Enjoy the Pictures…



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