Eyes of a Lagos Girl going places

Eyes of a Lagos Girl was launched in July 2020 with a bang! We are delighted to present our second edition of fashion items for funky ladies, t-shirts in bright red, blue and black, new tote bags and sexy tank tops. Eyes of a Lagos Girl is the result of a collaboration between Eyes of a Lagos Boy and IFFIZI. All products are made in Nigeria and delivered worldwide.

Eyes of a Lagos Girl is already spreading its wings in Nigeria, UK, US, Belgium, Germany and Cyprus.  We are also proud to announce that Eyes of a Lagos Boy and Girl items are now available at five prime locations in Lagos: Quintessence, Bogobiri House, Jazzhole, Nike Art Gallery and POP Beach club, in addition to our very own web-shop and jiji.ng.

Eyes of a Lagos Girl is dedicated to women of Lagos, making things happen in style. We salute bold and fabulous ladies, always on the move. Lagos is the fashion capital of Africa and West-Africa is the headquarters of Ankara fabric. Eyes of a Lagos Girl is proudly African, while embracing all those that celebrate Lagos with us.

Ladies look great in our tank tops, perfect for hot days and nights. For women on the move, a good bag is an essential accessory. Our tote bags are lined, one side in colorful Ankara fabric, the other side black, and have zippers to keep your valuables safe. We also offer new t-shirts of the popular Eyes of a Lagos Boy series in a range of colors and Eyes of a Lagos Boy tote bags (black two-sided).

Bolaji Alonge, director Awefirm Resources Limited ARL said, “Lagos is where things happen in Africa. Our music, art and fashion are making headlines. We need strong brands that convey a positive message, presenting our reality from the African perspective. Eyes of Lagos Boy and Girl are here to stay.”

The Eyes of a Lagos Boy brand was born in May 2017, when Alonge organized his first photography exhibition at Freedom Park, Lagos. The project also gave him his moniker – Eyes of a Lagos Boy. The branded T-shirt he made for himself turned out to be a hit and is now worn all over the world, becoming a recognizable brand. The sales support art and photography projects.



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