Ifé’s new song celebrates the bliss of true love

Ifé - Photo by Onyedikachukwu Ibedu
Ifé - Nwanyi - Photo by Onyedikachukwu Ibedu
Ifé – Nwanyi – Photo by Onyedikachukwu Ibedu

Afro-soul Nigerian singer-songwriter Ifé has released her new single titled ‘Nwanyi’ on 6 November.

‘Nwanyi’ is issued on all digital platforms, a mix of smooth vocals and highlife /pop sounds that conveys a message of love and hope to African women, for everyone in love or yet to fall in love.

Produced by Miracle Umoh, ‘Nwanyi’ (woman) in Igbo language talks about the bliss a woman feels when she knows the path into her man’s heart. Ifé said, “I want to let every woman know that once she knows the soft spots of her man, she’s blessed, it will take great communication for that to be discovered.” The Onitsha based multi-instrumentalist continues,  “the song tells the man that he needs to open up to his woman as well, because that is the only way there can be great unity and love.”

Ifé’s easy flow and delivery of the Igbo language in her music provides a sublime feel to the second single off her upcoming album set to be released in a few months. “My last single was released in May and it gained great acceptance. You know, COVID stopped a lot of things from happening, I had to make sure I give my fans something to lift their spirits and ‘Ulaga’ came about. It is a song that tells us that no matter what we are passing through, it shall be well someday” Ife revealed to eyesofalagosboy.com.

The graduate of Music and Performing Arts has collaborated with notable acts in and outside Nigeria. They include Umu Obiligbo, Ahec 3, Unchained XL, DJ Koffi and many others. She has released eleven records, including an EP titled DarkLight, considered to be revolutionary and inspirational.