Kafayat Quadri delves into hearts in new album 1984

Kafayat Omotilewa Quadri
1984 -
1984 – “Chances are we are all cousins and humanity is watching as you choose love”.

Soul singer Kafayat Quadri announced the release of her new album titled 1984, in Lagos on 1 February.

Six of the eight-track self-produced collection of eclectic instrumentals were recorded in Malaysia where Quadri once resided while tracks one and seven are produced in Lagos. With tracks such as, ‘Ode to Simple Things’, ‘Kindness Is Not Hard’, ‘Irawo Okan’, ‘Observations’ and others, the listener is guaranteed to feel the ‘Teleportation’ of the music.

The artist revealed to eyesofalagosboy.com, “Instrumental music embodies everything words cannot convey and my intentions are always rooted in music therapy and healing. Self-love potions. 1984 is the year I was born and the title of George Orwell’s book.” A dystopian novel published in 1949, which is about the omnipresent eyes of an ominous ruler ‘Big Brother’, that controls every aspect of people’s lives.

Kafayat Quadri is a poet, singer-songwriter, music producer and an attorney. Her folk music and poetry have been performed on various stages and community spaces in Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda and India, some of which include, the Lagos International Jazz Festival 2009 and 2017, George Town Literary Festival, Kakiseni International Arts Festival, Generation-Y Music Festival, Anne Kansiime’s Fun Factory 2020, Queen of England Birthday Party 2019, Omawumi’s Industry Night 2019, Midem Showcase 2019, Lake Garden Music Festival, Fun Factory, Ugandan National Theatre, Coffee and Fringe Art Festival and numerous other shows around the world.

Her previous music albums, KQ (The EP), April 16 and audio poems Aquarius have received positive reviews from listeners. Quadri described her new album in a statement, “Chances are we are all cousins and humanity is watching as you choose love. When we are all of service and worship towards one another, we suffer less. This is how to survive 1984. Be strong, Be love.”

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