Femi Kuti and eldest son Made release joint album, Legacy+

Made and Femi Kuti - Afrika Shrine Lagos, photo by Bolaji Along/Eyes of a Lagos Boy

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The father-son collaborative album project Legacy + by Femi and Made Kuti has been released on 6 February.

On this double album, the Afrobeat virtuosos have delivered a treasure trove of compositions, filled with powerful messages of liberation of the African mind accompanied by blasting horns.

The album is released by Partisan Records, first section comprises eight tracks by Femi Kuti that include ‘As We Struggle Everyday’, ‘ Show of Shame’, ‘Privatization’ and previously released single, ‘Pa Pa Pa’.

Fela Kuti’s grandson Made’s section of the album is packed with funky flows of musical progression in an iteration of head-swelling wails. The multi-instrumentalist showcases his vocal abilities and dexterity on the horns, drums, bass guitar and the keyboard. With songs like ‘Free Your Mind’, ‘Your Enemy’, ‘Young Lady’, ‘Blood, the young Kuti is making a grand entry into the hearts of afrobeat fans around the world, Femi must be a proud father.

Earlier released singles off Legacy + have received great reviews and enjoy constant airplay in Nigeria and beyond. This is the eleventh album for father and the first for son, music history is being made.