Jubi Cashew Spirit – A taste of Nigeria

JUBI – Cashew Spirit is a trail blazing premium aqua vitae extracted from farm fresh cashew apple (Anacardium occidentale), distilled and bottled on a cashew plantation in Ilero, Oyo state, South West Nigeria.

The unique liquor with a rich taste and ever-present cashew aroma is outstanding. It has captured the imagination and fervor of both Nigerian and European connoisseurs of refined beverages.

Jubril Olawumi, Executive Director, Jubol Integrated Services Ltd, the producers of JUBI – Cashew Spirit visited Nigeria in 2014 with some Austrian friends that have experience in distillation of fruit spirit or Schnapps.  This is when the experiment started to extract spirit from the juice of the cashew apple. Once perfected it led to the creation of JUBI, now tested and approved in both Nigeria and Europe.

During this process, Mr Olawumi has moved back to Nigeria after thirty years in Austria. He personally supervises the farm and runs the meticulous production process of JUBI – Cashew Spirit. The distiller said, “Initially, cashew apple was left to rot at the farms, but now we are here to capture its essence in cashew spirit production. JUBI is an eco-friendly product, turning cashew fruits into a precious and tasty beverage – from waste to wealth.”

Indigenous to Brazil, the Portuguese saw the commercial potential of cashew and brought it to West and East Africa in the 15th and 16th century. While the cashew nut is well-known and loved around the world, cashew fruit or apple is less familiar to many. Cashew is harvested once a year for about four months (January – April). The cashew apple is a juicy edible fruit that can be dried, juiced, canned, or eaten fresh from the tree. The nut is in the base of the cashew apple and attached to the fruit.

Jubril Olawunmi – Executive Director, Jubol Integrated Services Ltd

Nigeria is the fourth producer of cashew in the world according to National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN). The country produced 220,000 metric tonnes of cashew nuts out of World’s total of 2.1 million tonnes in 2017 and exported 120,000 metric tonnes in the same year.

JUBI – Cashew Spirit is the result of international cooperation and proudly Nigerian. It is an eco-friendly product that will impact farmers positively, generating employment and diversification.

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