Photo of the Week: Epe

Epe – Bolaji Alonge (2018)

Our Photo of the Week series highlights the beauty of our country, while not forgetting about the challenges we currently face. Epe shows the idyllic beauty of village life along the Lagos Lagoon. Behind that beauty lies a history of neglect and calls for human rights to education, water, health and representation.

The general election (Presidential/Senate) has come and gone. We look forward to the upcoming governorship elections, set to be keenly contested in some states.

The reality of democracy stares many who thought they have a right to power in the face. The people cannot be taken for granted.


This photo was also published in the March/April edition of Malimbe magazine, the official in-flight magazine of four Nigerian Airlines including Arik Air, Aero contractors, Dana Air, and Bristow.

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