Molue nostalgia

Molue has all that you want to buy especially in the healthcare department, there’s always a vendor of all kinds of medicine or magical product that can make all ones problems go away forever. Ironically, a Molue is like a moving school, with a lot of colourful paintings and words written on them. Even job notices and success tips are pasted all around the bus inside out.

Afrobeat and Berlin, 41 years of exchange

That Berlin ’78 show started a multi-generational exchange between Afrobeat and Germany, which was reflected on Sunday 24th March 2019 at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin. The hall of about one thousand two hundred Afrobeat lovers was packed with fans standing and dancing on the isles.

My eyes your eyes

Photos invoke sadness, love, joy, the past are we trying to run away from, good times, great people and the annoying ones, anticipation, never forgetting lots and lots of dearly departed, making Photography a potpourri of emotions for us all, an emotion in my opinion sometimes worth pursuing.