Eyes of A Lagos Boy – T Shirts and Tank Tops.



The ripple effects of the successful Lagos Photo Exhibition, entitled “Eyes of A Lagos Boy“, held at the prestigious Freedom Park, Lagos (May ’17) are being felt and reverberate. 

Awefirm Resources Limited (ARL), a company focused on promoting entertainment, photography, tourism, and arts, by popular public demand, has rolled out its branded shirts. Bolaji Alonge, Director ARL, wanted to make two T Shirts for himself and Manager, Maria Rodrigo, during the Photo Exhibition. 

From the moment the T shirt was worn, he knew something of a revolution had begun. “Everywhere I went, people were trying to read what was written on my shirt,” says Alonge. “Then friends and family members started asking for where they could be acquired, calling for further production.” The shirts appear mainly in black and white, but there are other rare colors: blue and red.

Additionally, the Tank Top for ladies, is quickly becoming an icon and sits really well upon the ladies wearing it.


The Tank Top appears in black with a remarkable red binding on its strap, giving it a smart and well cut shape.

You can get your own “Eyes of A Lagos Boy” apparel by emailing awefirm@gmail.com or by calling +2349068836078.




Bolaji Alonge is an Artiste, International Photographer and Blogger from Lagos, Nigeria who has been traveling the world for the most parts of the last decade documenting exotic cultures, participating in experiences , Tourism, Networking, exchange of ideas and information that sometimes books and the internet do not offer. He conducted a successful Photo Exhibition themed,  “Eyes Of A Lagos Boy”at the prestigious Freedom Park, (A former Colonial Prison) in Lagos in May 2017.

-Bolaji Alonge  (September 2017)

Photos By ARL for awefirm.org, TOJ, Nella Hengstler..

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